Taking too long to get these aids adjusted up to my prescription level. I've had numerous adjustments but I still have problems understanding someone only a couple feet away. They also don't allow acceptable phone usage. These are also subject to numerous irritating sounds, like Whoops, Beeps, etc., and sometime continuous whistling or the other noises I mentioned. Just not very satisfied with these "expensive" aids.
Leland Schroeter, on Google
Really love this place. My husband and I went in to get our hearing checked. The new technology is amazing!!! From the receptionist to the doctor, very friendly and professional. It can be kind of scary not knowing what you will go through to have this done, but they really put you at ease and it was very comfortable and pain free!!! Your hearing is very important, so I recommend everyone to make an appointment as soon as possible. To all the ladies out there: your husbands may be in denial that he has hearing loss, mine certainly Is, even though we found out he has moderate hearing loss, but it's for their own good to have their hearing checked. I plan to take mine back in about 6 months to see about a hearing aid. I'll let the news soak in first😊
Norma Linda Ramos, on Google

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